BNA Meeting Materials

You can find a public folder with the most recent meeting materials as well as archived minutes HERE


City Club of Portland: Understanding the City Charter Review

Every 10 years, the residents of Portland are invited to become involved in the City Charter Review. In July 2020 the City Club of Portland published a report surveying our current government. Their clear conclusion: Our form of government is inequitable and in need of significant reform.


Read their reports and learn more about the process



BNA Town Hall April 2021

First ever BNA Town Hall was a success!

We tried new approaches:

  • Small breakout groups to stimulate conversation & build relationships
  • Zoom polls to get member feedback (80% rated meeting as very good or excellent)
  • Board truly listened to understand member input

We listened, we learned:

  • Members felt the requirement to attend 2 meetings a year to be eligible to vote was a barrier to participation (see story at right or below on mobile)
  • It was suggested we make communicating with us easier – we added a Suggestion Box to our new website (still under construction)
  • Many other wonderful suggestions were made.
  • We will continue to take your comments- let us know how you want to Build a Better Bridlemile